Why I Chose to Detox my Home

As every parent knows, when something isn’t right with your child your whole world seems to come to a screeching halt. About two years ago mine did just that.
I really can’t pinpoint when it all started. I just know that it felt like an unending stream of sleepless nights and a heart-wrenching feeling of helplessness. It all started with a panicked, middle of the night cry of “Mommy!”
In the foggy world of half asleep and half awake I had bumbled into my daughters’ room to find myself instantly snapped into the here and now. Her face, pillow and hands were covered in blood. Fighting the feelings of panic, my daughter explained that she woke up with her nose bleeding. This was like no other nosebleed I had ever witnessed, let me tell you. After what felt like an eternity, we finally stopped the bleeding and snuggled back in for the rest of the night. Or so we thought. About an hour later we had a repeat performance.
The next day I couldn’t get the previous night out of my mind. I found myself  hovering around my daughter every chance I could get with the constant “are you ok?” popping out. I was annoying even myself with my over-protectiveness. Thank goodness we made it through the day with no more nosebleeds.
Bedtime was upon us again. Fingers crossed that it was going to be an uneventful night. I tucked my daughter in bed and wished her sweet dreams. About an hour after drifting off, her call rang out for me like the previous night. The same scene unfolded. Blood, crying, huge clots, feelings of helplessness and fear. Night after night we played out the same drama. Thankfully, we have a government service of nurses 24/7 at the other end of the telephone. I feel like the nurses and I got to know each other well over the few weeks that this scenerio took place. They were a calming force that was reassuring in my moments of helplessness.
Trying to get to the bottom of the nosebleed episodes we scheduled an appointment with our family doctor. After a thorough investigation that cancelled out anything serious (phew!) my daughter had her first, and hopefully last, experience with cauterization. Had I really understood at the time what was about to happen I may have declined the treatment. It was horrible to watch silent tears streaming down those beautiful cheeks as she struggled to stay still and strong. I felt like a failure in that moment.
The scene at the doctors’ office was to no avail. That night we replayed the nosebleeds. Night, after night, after night.
All of a sudden I had a lightbulb moment. A tidbit I had read years ago that was just seeming to wait for the opportune time to push its way to the forefront in my brain. Could there be an environmental allergen that is triggering this reaction?
I have always tried to keep my home free of unwanted toxins. After suffering with pesticide poisoning myself  in my late teens/early twenties I was always on the lookout for nasty chemicals in my vicinity. But as a parent wanting to keep my home free of germs and filth I wavered. I tried cleaning with vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to avoid bringing chemical cleaners into my home but they didn’t do a good job and I hated smelling like a salt and vinegar potato chip all the time. I used “green” cleaning products available at my local stores because I knew they were safer than conventional cleaners even though I usually had to sacrifice performance.
What was I missing?
The mother of a good friend of mine called me up out of the blue one day to share something interesting with me. She had absolutely no idea what was going on with my daughter. To this day I think of her as an angel. She came with a message that was vital to my daughter when we needed it most. Her message was of a company that produced safe, non-toxic, and earth friendly products. One of the product lines was exactly what I was looking for! I decided I would detoxify my home in one giant step and hopefully the problem my daughter was experiencing would resolve itself.
I was so excited to totally eliminate toxins from my family’s home once and for all that I cleaned like a woman posessed when my products arrived at my door. I instantly noticed my house smelled…clean! Not fake pine or lemony, no acidic vinegar smell, but clean. Really clean. No smell except fresh air.
Sadly, the nosebleeds persisted. Less intense definitely, but still nightly. Then it dawned on me that I was still using up the remaining laundry detergent I had been using before opening my new laundry product that came in my kit of off-the-wall amazing products. I instantly stripped the sheets off of my daughters’ bed and threw them into the washing machine with the new laundry detergent.
That night the true test came as to whether it was a reaction to conventional laundry detergent. We all had the first full night’s sleep I could remember in weeks! It became crystal clear right then and there how toxic the things we use daily,and take for granted that they are safe, really are. It has been over two years now since I switched to the most incredible line of products I have ever used. See livelovebegreen.myshaklee.com/can/en/whynow_safe.html  for product info.
There has only been one night time nosebleed since and that was when we were staying at my parent’s house overnight. My mom was using conventional laundry detergent at that time and has since switched to the same brand I use in my home.
I am thankful each and every day that what my daughter was experiencing was not due to a serious illness. Sometimes it can be the things we expect to be safe or that “we use because our moms used them so we do too” that can be the culprit to our allergies, ill health or unhealthy air in our homes. I am relieved that I was open to receive information that was necessary. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by toxins. Why not make your home the healthiest it can be?