Leading by Example

Since I can remember, I have always had a strong internal desire to do what is right. Sometimes the reality of what is right can be a bit fuzzy though. If I listen to my head, sometimes I can be led astray. The head always wants us to “look out for number one”. My heart leads to decisions that are in line with who I am and who I am becoming in a more encompassing way. Being heart-led, in my case, is allowing my instincts to guide me.

Over the years I have gained an incredible amount of trust in my instincts but it has taken a lot of practice. Too many times I have shushed my heart to accommodate others or to avoid confrontation. This has not served me well. With maturity I have learned to say no when I feel I need to, let others know when I am in disagreement in a respectful manner(because it is alright to have a different opinion) and to be my own cheerleader.

Making decisions based on ethics and instincts is an example I want to set. I like not being a volatile decision maker but someone that bases a choice on whether it is the right thing to do. It just feels good. For me and others. When we do the right thing we are leading by example. The path of my life is trying to make choices that ultimately make my space in this world, and of those I come in contact with, a better place. I like knowing that I am being proactive in making a difference even if it is miniscule in the grand scheme of things. Something as simple as a smile or showing someone you care makes a difference.
A few of the heart-led decisions I have made include:
I choose cleaning products for my home that are non-polluting, are safe and non-toxic for not only my family but also the lakes, groundwater and wildlife they will at some point come in contact with. It feels good to know that I am not contributing to the poisoning of our ecosystem with toxic chemicals. I feel secure in the fact that I am not creating a toxic load in my home that my family and I have to process through our systems on a daily basis.The products I choose for my home can be found at LiveLoveBeGreen.myshaklee.com

I choose time laughing and being silly with my children rather than scheduling our lives to the extreme.

Most of all, I feel that I am showing my children that when we are true to our values as individuals we can make a difference in a positive sense. We can all feel when someone is genuine and truthful. I have chosen to lead by example in my life. To be strong in my convictions and to strive for positive change.

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” -Potter Stewart


3 thoughts on “Leading by Example

  1. You are showing that living by the Laws of the Universe and Living, Loving and Being Green…. not to make a pun here, is what brings true happiness.

    It is how you live first in your heart and how you guide your thinking in your actions that you have been a great example.

    I am grateful to know you and call you my friend

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