Sunshine and Lollipops

April showers bring May flowers. What a great saying. April has blessed us with blossoms galore and a frenzied pace from nature. My only concern is what the month of May has in store. Hopefully my daughter’s sing-song voice is foretelling what May will bring when she sings “Sunshine, lollipops…rainbows every day. All things wonderful are…coming our way!”
I am in my “happy place” right now. Even flies buzzing past make me smile inside. Everything in nature is on a mission. Have you noticed how busy every species seems to be? Every life form is awake and kick-started into high gear. I love it! At the risk of sounding like I’m giving myself a pat on the back (even though I do feel it is a good thing to do that occasionally), I’ve been very productive this past weekend. I have caught the Spring fever too!
Yesterday I supplemented my new garden with more soil and organic matter. It stills needs more compost which I plan on adding the next sunny day we have. I will be opening up our compost cage to utilize the rich mixture that has been decomposing for the past few summers. I have taken care to only add items that would benefit the mixture unlike what our municipal program considers compostable. Everything “good” goes in my compost pile while everything else that the city deems suitable to compost, but I don’t, goes into my green bins to go to the municipal maggot pile. My only reservation about opening up my compost cage is that I have convinced myself that some type of critter has made a home near the back of the warm, earthy pile. The last thing I want next week’s blog post to be about is how I was sprayed by a skunk while amending my garden! It may be entertaining but I’m not interested.
I have also been baking like a fiend lately. With the peanut-free rule at school I make sure we are well stocked with lunch bag items. I feel guilty putting store-bought, processed unfood into my children’s lunch bag. I feel homemade with love will always trump factory produced “what-is-it”. Please do not think that I am being judgemental of those that put store-bought snacks in their children’s lunch bags. That is your decision, not mine. I choose not to as this works for me and my family.
I find baking to be very therapeutic. We all need a place where our mind can go to do nothing but focus on the moment. Baking is this place for me. As is gardening, lawn mowing (it helps that I can’t hear anyone yelling “Mom!” while I’m mowing the grass), meditation (no, not medication), yoga, reading, and time spent with my friends. A break from inner turmoil is essential. I’m saving myself a bundle on therapy with all the therapeutic activities I employ as part of my day-to-day existence. I should be as calm as a cucumber by now. Or is it as cool as a cucumber? I am neither cool nor calm and I’m OK with that.
I have a few projects started in my cranium and am looking forward to working on them. My new garden can’t be planted for a while yet and to stop myself from jumping the gun I plan on utilizing my time effectively instead of just staring at the patch of soil in my yard.
My soul is singing with the awakening in Nature. I am like a sponge sucking in the beauty that Mother Nature is offering our eyes and minds right now. Take a few moments to just “be” with nature to listen and feel the movement and energy that surrounds us all.
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
-Jim Rohn 

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