Top Secret Mission Revealed

I have been on yet another Top Secret Mission. OK  not really, but calling it top-secret makes it seem so much more fun.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would like a light fixture over our outdoor dining table. After looking around at a few stores and seeing what’s available, I decided to tackle making one myself. Besides the fact that the cost is prohibitive on many outdoor fixtures and most are not to my liking, I wondered if I had the materials to make my own unique DIY version.  In the spirit of reusing and recycling, I pondered over different materials already around the house then gathered together my chosen objects. Here are the materials pictured below.

One string of LED outdoor Holiday lights, wicker/rattan balls, hanging basket chain with three chains connected to top hook, paperclips, and a stainless steel ring from an old kitchen light fixture.

I connected the three hooks at the end of the chains to the metal ring and pinched the hooks together against the ring to avoid the chains sliding around. I hung the fixture low so I could work on it while it was hanging. This gave me better access than laying it on a surface.

I started by pushing the end light bulb on the light strand into a wicker ball then draped the light strand over the ring so the ball hung  from the ring at the desired level. I wrapped the light strand around the ring, occasionally adding another wicker ball at varying heights. In total I used seven wicker balls. I ended the strand of lights by trying to conceal the plug end on the inside of the ring. To hold the light strand together where it hangs down then back up to the ring I hooked metal paperclips around both strands to hold them together. This made it look nicer than when the strands separated from each other.

After it felt complete, I hung the fixture from the centre of the pergola over the table. It took some adjusting to get the correct height from the table. I wanted it to be long enough without banging my head on it every time I stood up. I used another piece of chain that I already had to wrap around the pergola and hang the fixture from.

Using an outdoor extension cord, I connected it to the plug on the fixture then wound it up one of the chains tightly up to the pergola. I thread the cord along the pergola over to the wall where it hangs down the wall to the outlet.

Different angle looking out into the garden.

Once darkness falls it is as simple as plugging in the extension cord and voila…instant ambiance!

Inside each wicker ball there is a light bulb.

Outdoor dining and party season is quickly approaching. Bring it on!

12 thoughts on “Top Secret Mission Revealed

  1. Reblogged this on livelovebegreen and commented:

    I love to try to find fun and interesting ways to reuse items. This is one of my favorite projects that I am still enjoying on these beautiful summer nights in my back garden. Things are looking quite different this year in the garden itself while the outdoor light fixture is standing up to the tempestuous Canadian weather year-round.

    Thanks for hanging out in my garden with me again.

    • Thanks, Don. I have another project in the works at the moment that is more about spending time releasing inner creativity than altering parts to make a whole. Watch this space!

      Interestingly, the light fixture has become a favorite place for spiders to create their beautifully intricate webs. Every day there is a different pattern between the strands of lights. Spiders are not just fear-inducing, they are fascinating.

    • Thanks Cyndi! 🙂 This was last year’s garden before the veggies were planted. This year there are many new additions in terms of plant material which makes the garden look more mature.

      You are always welcome at my table and in my garden!

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