Sap. Sapped. I’ve had my fair share of both lately. What do I mean? Let me explain.

First I will explain being sapped or devoid of energy or motivation.

This week I am struggling to push myself in a forward direction. I would like nothing more than to sit with my feet up, reading a great novel. Or perhaps flip through my library of gardening books. I’d gladly succumb to either. It sounds like heaven right now. I knew this week was going to be draining. I’ve been gearing up for it since last week. Even though I’m an “enjoy the moment” kind of person, I’ve been looking ahead to what is on my goal and “to do” list this week.

This week started off with a bang. I kicked off with a health trade show for seniors promoting my business Live Love Be Green. Health is of the utmost importance at all ages. I strongly believe that through proper nutrition, superior quality supplementation, physical activity, spiritual wellness/inner peace, and a toxin-free home we have a winning combination  to great health. The event wasn’t a long one (5 hours), but gearing up and getting into the right head space was eluding me for some reason. I had a great day talking with folks I otherwise would not have had any contact with. It was quite enlightening and occasionally somewhat frightening to hear the medical horror stories and trials so many seniors face each and every day. This encourages me to take good care of myself now to hopefully avoid years of drug-induced issues. Eye-opening, really.

Two days of this week I will be working with the goddesses of gardening which is physically challenging most days. Sure gardening is a great past time and is enjoyable, but when this is your profession rain or shine or extreme heat and humidity like this week brought us, it can be utterly exhausting. This aside, I love what I do and the wonderful group of women I work with. They are always professional and passionate about what we do and bring a sense of enjoyment to each and every day. Even if everyone is exhausted.

To wrap up this week I will be working another trade show for three days out-of-town. This promises to be a weekend of fun and personal growth. I’m truly looking forward to this but I’m not thrilled with being away from home and my family. I always miss them. I am motivated by my purpose of promoting a healthy environment through toxin-free cleaning products. I will delve into this subject soon. I will be working with another passionate individual that shares in my quest for positive change. This individual somehow always gets me to go outside my comfort zone to expand myself to new heights. For this I am thankful.

So, needless to say, the high amount of energy needed to fuel me this week is colossal. I will treat myself kindly and not stress out. I will stay focused so as to not feel totally sapped.

I’m feeling long-winded today for some reason. Hope you are enjoying a cup of coffee (or whatever your preference) while reading my blog today.

OK, sap.  You know, the sticky stuff that oozes slowly out of evergreens and gets all over everything. Well, last week I had a run in with a pine tree. Don’t get me wrong I love evergreens and the amazing fragrance they have. I find sap fascinating, really. Just not in my hair!

After a hot and sticky day on the job from the grueling heat and magnitude of mulch we handled in one day I was thankful for a cool shower. I was not thrilled when I encountered clumps of sticky sap in my hair though. And on my arms. And legs. And clothes.  I tried everything I could think of. Extra shampoo, soap, nail polish remover (stinky and nasty), conditioner. I even cut out a clump of hair from the nape of my neck that was a big, sticky lump of sap.  Thinking it was all out I started brushing my hair. SNAG! Argh. All through the back of my hair I had huge gobs of sap!

Cutting that section of my hair was not an option so I decided to try something I hadn’t tried yet. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this in the first place. Sometimes I wonder where my brain is. I got out my bottle of Basic H and poured a bit onto my palm then proceeded to rub it into my still damp hair where the sap was. I kid you not, the sap just let go of the hair the second the Basic H came into contact with it! Not only did the sap come out quickly with no mess, Basic H is non-toxic and fully biodegradable once it’s washed down the drain. It’s also non-drying to my hair.  I can’t say the same for most shampoos on the market.  Needless to say, I instantly reach for my bottle of Basic H when I get sap on me now. I even wash my hair with it instead of shampoo occasionally just for the fun of it! I highly recommend it.

Trying not to feel sapped.

Battling sap attacks.

Interesting week I’m having…to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Sapped

  1. I use that stuff for everything.! (Heh – I sound like a Franks Red Hot Sauce ad.) Seriously though, it never occurred to me to use it for pine sap. It’s coming camping with me this year. Good luck at the trade shows. You are a far braver person than I am. Bring rubber gloves – you know…just in case….;)

    • I hope I will never need the gloves (shudder).

      Mmmm…Frank’s Red Hot. Love that stuff.

      Basic H for camping is essential. It will replace every cleaning item with just one bottle. Dish soap, shampoo, body wash, laundry, mosquito repellent, you name it. Amazing stuff. Super huge bonus that it won’t harm lakes, aquatic life or other wildlife.

      I’m trying to not think about the concept of being brave. I am keeping my chin up and eyes forward!

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