Garden Magic

We have lift off!

The garden is growing at full throttle and I couldn’t be happier. I almost suspect that if I was able to sit still long enough I would be able to watch it growing. It always amazes me how plants just know exactly what to do. Fascinating, really. So here is an update on the goings-on taking place in my garden over the past few days.

The tomato plants seem to have at least doubled, if not tripled in size since they were planted. They look healthy and vigorous. As you can probably see in the photo, we have not had any rain lately. The weather network is promising rain all weekend so fingers crossed for at least one day of rain. I feel as though the water police are going to jump out of the bushes and fine me whenever I use the hose to water!


Above:  Hooray! The seeds are sprouting! I am so relieved and clicking my heels that the seeds have all started sprouting. Here we have the pole beans about 6 inches tall.

Here are the beet sprouts. Teensy-tiny little sprouts that appear to be quite fragile when they blow in the breeze.

I am so impressed how quickly all the seeds started growing. This whole direct seeding thing is like a giant science experiment. I love it!

Here is where my mind was officially blown. Yup,  my jaw hit the soil. The onions just magically appeared the other day. I was outside a few evenings ago watering (or should I say, guiltily spraying water on the garden) when I thought I detected some grass shoots in the garden. I figured that procrastinating for a few days wouldn’t hurt anyone so I carried on with other things. The next morning I went out back and “poof!”  There, magically growing were four onions!  I can’t stop myself from repeatedly going outside and checking on them. Silly, I know, but they are so impressive.

Yesterday a neighbour knocked on my door with an armful of tomato and pepper plants. The poor things looked like they already had one foot in the grave. He stated that they needed a mother and he knew that I would step up and take the job. You betcha! I think these babies will be living on the rooftop though instead of the garden. No need to crowd together, there is loads of room for everyone. Plus, I’m certain that these are not heirloom veggies and I made a pact with myself about what does and does not get to join the in-crowd of my garden.

“In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.”  ~Robert Brault


4 thoughts on “Garden Magic

  1. Yeah, beet sprouts are SOO fragile. You can knock them over just gently watering them, and they take all day to rise back up. Good luck! I’ve had mixed results direct seeding, but it’s very exciting, when you see the tiniest shoot coming up.

    • I just returned home from a beautiful weekend up North to discover that everything in the garden is doing miraculously well. The beets are thickening up and survived the weekend of rain splendidly! Hooray!

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