Monday, Monday…La-La-la,la,la,la!

Ah, I am so very thankful that today is Monday. I love Mondays but today in particular.

It has been an exhausting week with an over-flowing schedule. I did my best to stay focused and Zen-like in the face of adversity. I pat myself on the back for a job well done.

I discovered a few things this week that I was either re-learning  or that I was denying.

1. I am a coffee snob. Yes, I am. I knew this about myself but I was trying to not let it control my coffee consumption. I do love me a great cup of coffee but not all coffees are created equally. I love my coffee strong (not like coffee-flavoured water) and hot. Freshly ground is best in my opinion and organic, fair trade coffee always tastes better. I like knowing that my coffee habit is not a totally destructive force.

2. Trees, rocks and natural bodies of water are grounding. The overall energy in the north country is totally different from the wine region where I live. It was a wonderful experience to immerse myself in this environment for the weekend.

3. When my head is so painful from the barometric pressure that it feels as though it will explode, I can keep things in check with alfalfa and extra B-complex throughout the day.

4. Beet sprouts are quite resilient and can withstand a weekend of downpours and become stronger in the face of  adverse weather conditions.

5. People are incredibly interesting. Sometimes the most scowly-faced being can turn out to be one of the nicest people you ever have the pleasure of meeting. Sometimes not. It is enlightening to come into contact with new people and find a connection. Especially when the link is in regards to environmental care and protection. A passion for environmental stewardship is an exceptional quality in a human being.

6. I have an amazing circle of friends in my life. I feel truly blessed.

7. The love I felt upon returning home after being away for the weekend was heart-warming. “Home is where the heart is” and “there’s no place like home” really do mean something.

8. I am a strong woman. I can accomplish things I never would have thought possible. I love who I have evolved into over time and am proud that I have convictions that are not up for discussion.

9. It is wonderful to live in and maintain a toxin-free home. I can breathe easily at home and feel as though I am not inhaling poison with every breath from air fresheners, febreeze, laundry detergents and smoke.

10. I prefer eating home cooked meals than eating out or on the run.

Today, I shall recuperate from a weekend filled with travel, being a trade show vendor extraordinaire, and fun. Yes, I have lots to do today but it won’t feel like work.  I have a spring in my step and joy in my heart.

“As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.” ~Terri Guillemets

8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…La-La-la,la,la,la!

    • A colleague and I were at the trade show to introduce and market the most fantastic earth friendly cleaning products. It is vital that we break our dependence on chemical products to clean with. I represent a line that is biodegradable, septic-safe, phosphate-free, natural sourced, non-toxic, super concentrated, and actually works! Can you tell I get excited about SAFE cleaning practices? For info and to see what I’m up to visit my facebook page Live Love Be Green.

      Some days it is difficult to stay positive. Reaffirming my blessings regularly keeps me positive and motivated.

      Thanks for commenting.

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