I love the word schlop. If  it’s even a real word. If  it isn’t, I care not…I still like it.

I am using the word schlop to describe the concoction I have brewed in  my backyard. It consists of air-dried dulse, used unbleached coffee filters, and the coffee grounds that were stuck to the filters that wouldn’t shake off into my garden. I threw them all in a bucket and filled it with water. I will add a small amount of Basic H to the brew before using the help with penetration into the soil.  I have been collecting my used coffee filters and grounds (or is it grinds?) and putting them on the soil prior to watering. My neighbourhood Starbuck’s has been very helpful pumping up the volume of my collection rate. My tomatoes seem to be loving, and I mean loving, the special treatment. I haven’t been lavishing my beans with the same treatment since I read somewhere  that legumes don’t like coffee grounds in the surrounding soil. Anyone have any tips on this subject?

I refuse to use chemical fertilizers on my gardens and am constantly searching for alternatives. I haven’t been able to locate any organic or veganic fertilizers in my travels. I did some online research and kept coming back to compost teas, special organic fertilizers suitable for tomatoes but not beans or the other way around , and seaweed fertilizers. I  used fish emulsion fertilizer years ago but recalling the odour makes me gag involuntarily, so I refuse to subject my neighbourhood to the stench. The thought of putting fish bits into my soil freaks me out tremendously…shiver.

So I have come to the conclusion that I will be amending the soil without assistance from store bought products. Sounds daunting but I’m certain that with my horticulture background I can figure it out. Now all I need is to dig out all my old soil science textbooks. Sigh.

You may be asking why I am not using my compost that I had mentioned in previous postings. Well, I can’t hide the truth any longer from you. I am seriously avoiding the task of removing the side of my compost “bin” to get to the good stuff. I have convinced myself that a skunk family has taken up residence within. I don’t know this to be fact, I’ve merely repeated this so many times to myself that I now believe it. I did dig some compost out from the perimeter of the pile but to get right in  makes me want to turn on my heel and split. Which is exactly what I keep doing. I have started a new compost bin that is far smaller which I do not leave open or pile yard waste and sticks into. I think my problem with the large compost pile is that over the last few years many larger sticks have found their way into it which has created a lot of air space. I guess I need to just get over my fear and get to work. Alright, alright, I’ve talked myself into being brave.  Soon.

My neighbour  that has recently become a supporter of my eccentric ways (or is it simply my cheerful nature that is infectious?) caught me as I was running from my car to my house earlier today to comment about my garden. He questioned what I was doing to my tomatoes because they are so robust (compared to his plants, I guess).  I revealed my not-so-secret coffee strategy and  proudly pointed out my brewing schlop. He was intrigued and has plans to pop into Starbucks to build up his used coffee stash as well. Not if I get there first!

6 thoughts on “Schlop

  1. I am in awe of your tomatoes. Mine are much smaller. Still, I think you should go all special forces with a face shield and a Big Stick and poke that compost pile. Or at the very least wait in ambush some dusk…;)

  2. Alright, alright…I’ll attack the compost pile. I kind of think of it as similar to jumping off the high diving board. I have all the tools, I know I can do it, I will feel great once I just do it, but my brain still keeps yacking at me about why I shouldn’t.

    Thanks for the nudge…or should I say shove?

  3. Mmmm…tomatoes. I so love fresh picked tomatoes that are still warm from the heat of the sun. My mouth is watering. I now have oodles of little tiny tomatoes on the plants and scads of flowers! Hooray! Thanks for saying mine look awesome. I haven’t seen anyone else’s tomato plants this year so I’m not sure how mine are doing in comparison.

    Definitely try the coffee grounds method. Besides, it’s and excuse to drink more coffee! “I really need this 12th cup today. I’m saving the grounds for my garden.”

  4. I use the E.B.Stone organic fertilizers from Armstrongs Garden Center. But, wait are you in Canada? I’m having a hard time remember where all the bloggers are that I follow. I suppose you could order it.

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