Stepping Stones

This week has been one filled with  many stepping-stones for my family and myself.

We have celebrated two graduations and endured a few personal challenges along the way. Changes in life are an essential part of the process. The process of bettering oneself, the process of growth (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), and the process of learning to accept these changes whether good or bad and recognizing  them as part of your process. Change can be difficult or enlightening depending on your perspective.  Finding the correct perspective is the key.

With the graduations of my children to the next phase of their journey, my heart is wide open and joyful for them. I feel my Inner Mother wanting to feel anxious (or sad?) that they are growing so quickly but I instantly flick her off of my shoulder. There is absolutely no need to feel any semblance of loss that my children are no longer babies. There are those that wish they could keep their offspring as infants or toddlers forever…not me. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every phase my children have grown through. I make sure I revel in the little things with them. Celebrate the small stepping-stones just as much as the large ones. I don’t feel as though I have missed a moment because I have enjoyed each and every second I’ve spent playing, laughing. storytelling, and witnessing their “light-bulb” moments, to name a few.  Whether it be the first time my son rode his bike without his training wheels or when I watched as my daughter kicked and punched the bejeebies out of a heavy bag while practicing Mauy Thai combinations. These moments don’t need to be relived if we are present (not just physically)  the first time.  These are the stepping-stones of life. There is no need to cling to days in the past, wishing for more…I am living in the present, hoping my kids are too. With experiences and joy in each day, I hope they are learning the ability to be appreciative of the moments that shape them and find fulfillment on their life journey.

Moving forward with their education, my children do not hesitate or long for more time within the walls of their past schools. They are looking forward to new adventures in learning and a change of scenery. I am excited for them. They are experiencing life as it is meant to be experienced…as they want to live it. I will never force my children to participate in things they have no interest in; other than school, of course. Such as take music lessons or playing sports for me or any one else. I give them the choice to make their decisions about how they want to spend their extracurricular time. Kids need time to just be  kids, not have to perform to some unwritten standard that creates unnecessary stress or resentment into their forming minds. They also need to learn the essential tool of decision-making. Yes, obligations are a fact of life and those are not optional. Things such as helping around the house, cleaning up after yourself and not just lying around doing nothing constantly. I love to see my kids laughing and just being silly with their friends, experiencing intense hilarity in things that really aren’t that funny. Laughter is definitely the best medicine for so many things, and the craziness of life makes it essential in my mind.

As my loving and amazing children move forward on their path, I find myself smiling from ear to ear. I feel no need for blind pride, thinking my children are better than anyone else (although I love them more than anyone else). I feel intense, crazy love knowing that I have been blessed with them being a part of my life.

So, not only am I celebrating my son and daughter’s personal stepping-stones but my own as well. These experiences shape our life paths, making us richer in spirit.

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”    -C.S.Lewis

8 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

    • I can only speak for myself when I talk about how I see and feel things as a parent. I know your views and mine are very similar in the way of guiding our children. Thank you for always being ready and willing to discuss parenting with an open mind.

  1. I love your point about perspective and I couldn’t agree with you more! Change really is all about the perspective you choose to look at it from. I am actively working towards putting my energy into only positive aspects of my life. I’m trying not to waste energy on the negatives and I am finding myself much more content and happy in doing so 🙂

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