Food Fit For A Goddess (a Garden Goddess, that is)

Yesterday I had a hankerin’. An overwhelming, thought-invading, mouth-watering craving. I just had to have the object of my desire…a grilled portobello burger. Ohhhh…yaaaa (that was  reminiscent of the Kool-Aid Man. Scary. See what portobellos do to me? They make me go all loco).

I was on a mission – find the perfect portobello! I felt like a hunter-gatherer of the produce aisle as I inspected each and every mushroom, flipping them  to inspect their gills and sizing up the caps  for firmness. There is something so deliciously primal about mushrooms. The earthy fragrance, varying shades of whites and browns, and the mouth feel makes the mushroom a phenomenal specimen.   See, I told you I’ve gone over the edge for portobellos! Not just portobellos, mind you but most mushrooms.

My quick diagram of a mushroom

To make the perfect portobello burger takes patience. Hard to do when my taste buds are going berserk.  I decided to try something a bit different. I started by marinating the mushroom caps in beer for about 15 minutes (Moosehead, to be exact). When the process of marinating was complete the beer left in the bowl had the most amazing reddish-gold colour. Next step – to the barbeque!

The grill was warmed to medium heat. I’ve made the mistake before of being over-zealous and crispifying my sacred mushrooms on high in the need to feast. I grilled each side until I could see defined grill marks then covered them with foil to help retain a bit of moisture while cooking. When the end of cooking was near, I brushed on a tequila-lime-habenero bbq sauce. Oh my. Meanwhile in the kitchen, I had a large Vidalia onion caramelizing in the cast iron frying pan with a touch of coconut oil and butter for an extra flavour punch.

Then came assembly time.

By this point I was struggling to keep my composure. I am not normally a fan of the huge fluffy white burger bun but this was an occasion that called for one…with sesame seeds on top, of course. I deemed that no extra accoutrements were necessary since I had ensured a flavour bomb with the combination of the mushroom itself, the bbq sauce, the beer and the onions. It was all I could do to quickly snap a pic before I annihilated my dinner. Sorry for the poor photo quality – I was a bit distracted by the deliciousness before me.  Best darn portobello burger I ever sank my teeth into!

The only way it could have been better is if it had two mushrooms instead of one.


6 thoughts on “Food Fit For A Goddess (a Garden Goddess, that is)

  1. 8:25 am and already you’ve made my mouth water. No wonder I keep thinking I could become vegetarian. What kind of coconut oil do you use?

  2. Incorporating vegetarian food is easy. There are so many flavourful ingredients in this world that are non-animal. Food should be fun and tasty, why waste your time eating cardboard-like food when there are so many amazing tastes!

    I use Omega Nutrition certified organic coconut oil. It;s in a black container and can be found almost anywhere including Loblaws(Zehrs, Fortinos)..

  3. Sometimes it is nice to have the convenience of frozen burgers. I love the process of cooking though. The feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment of eating something made with love. 🙂

    And thanks…it was delicious!

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