Fruits of my Labour

I’m so excited! I have started harvesting from the garden. It is slim pickings just yet but it is such a great feeling to be picking and eating the fruits of my labour. Last night we ate this beauty – a Purple Beauty pepper. The colour is impressive, to say the least. The inside flesh is green and it tastes like a green pepper with a thinner skin. Lovely.

There were a few jalapenos that were ripe for the picking. Very tasty, indeed. They were included into a big batch of vegetarian chili a couple of nights ago. Tonight I intend to bake some jalapeno-cheddar bread with the two jalapenos waiting on my kitchen counter.

Oh, so soon the tomatoes will be ripe and ready to grace our table. I am most looking forward to my first bite of ripe tomato. All the varieties of tomatoes in the garden are loaded with fruit just needing a few more days. My mouth waters in anticipation.

I have been enjoying the kale for a couple of weeks now in different ways. I sautéed it with garlic one evening for dinner.  Another meal I ate it raw mixed into a salad. And my favourite dish that included kale was a sesame noodle salad. I cooked the kale with the noodles and it turned out perfectly tender without being overcooked. Simply luscious.

The herbs have been gracing our table in different recipes for a few weeks, pesto being the family fave.

I have planted a second row of both purple carrots and beets thanks to one of the neighbourhood rabbits that obliterated the first planting. The rabbit has since taken to the Vinca in the front garden. I am pleased with this so long as he remains out of the veggie garden.

Happy harvesting to all!

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.”- Alfred Austin

10 thoughts on “Fruits of my Labour

  1. Purple peppers seem to be one of those beautiful varieties that still seem to be “safe” from mass growers. Although I could be mistaken, I haven’t seen any in stores around here. I tried growing them about 17 years ago and they were minuscule. It seemed to be a bad year for peppers that year. It sort of put me off trying to grow them again until this year. I’m glad I did give it another shot.

    They taste very similar to a green pepper but seem to have a softer outer skin. Less snap, more flavour. I’d say it tastes like an amped up green pepper. I highly recommend trying them.

    • Growing my own veggies is such a grounding practice. I feel good knowing where my food comes from. I only wish I could grow more!
      Home grown produce always tastes so much better than store bought. From plant to table in under a minute is so amazing.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s nice to have you here.

  2. I’ve got two of those black/purple peppers, but they are small, and I’m not sure about them. I suppose I should clip them now, as they are already black, and see what I’ve got.

  3. I have a purple beauty pepper plant, but the only two peppers thus far were sort of shriveled by the time they are 1.5 inches tall, so I went ahead and picked them off. I’m still hopeful! 🙂

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