Over the Moon with Glee

I am over the moon with glee! Yes, I said glee. The joyous, crazy-happy, smiling like a lunatic kind of glee.

The reason? Why I have harvested my first tomatoes of the summer, of course.

First tomatoes of the summer from my garden.

When I purchased the starter plants, the tag stated that they were a yellow pear variety but I’m kind of thinking they were tagged incorrectly. They look like yellow plum to me. No worries, they are still heirloom, organically grown and oh-s0 incredibly delicious.

I decided that these little lovelies would be best showcased as insalata Caprese. Or the rustic Canadian version of such. Since I am the only one in my house that likes (in my case, loves) tomatoes, I only made a small bowl to enjoy with my dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was enjoyed alfresco, overlooking the garden.

Prior to dinner I took a stroll through the garden to see how the other plants were doing. The eggplant has loads of blossoms and one fascinating fruit. I never realized just how beautiful an eggplant plant really is until recently. The leaves a large and lush and the blossoms are  fragile and genteel looking but with a strength that can withstand brutal winds. Quite interesting. But it is the fruit that is really breathtaking. It almost doesn’t look real as it emerges. I walked past it for a few days before it dawned on me that this was the fruit. I can’t get enough of how intriguing the eggplant is.

This post started as a salute to the glorious  tomato and quickly veered of course, for that I apologize.

I love the meals of summer that are casual yet so robust in flavour simply from the few ingredients that are fresh and over-flowing with taste in their purest form.

I am super easy to please these days. Fresh fruit and veggies with some grains thrown in for good measure and I am happy as a…honey bee collecting pollen.

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.”    -Lewis Grizzard

10 thoughts on “Over the Moon with Glee

    • Actually, I’m reading in “Golden Gate Gardener” that eggplants are very hard to grow in coastal fog climates, which I’m in, and have a very short window in which to plant. Summer days are foggy half the day. So, as a beginner, I will focus on easier to grow veggies. Tomatoes are 1 of my 3 favorites, with corn (also hard to grow) and watermelon (not easy either).

      • I visited California a couple of summers ago and fell in love with the beauty and energy of the state. I was amazed by the fog! I can see how certain plants would not do well in those conditions while others would flourish. I wonder if eggplant would grow indoors in a sunny location if you had the perfect spot? Make for a conversation starrer, that’s for sure!

  1. Wonderful! You will love watching it as it evolves from a tiny plant to a magnificent specimen containing gorgeous fruit.

    Eggplant is best when prepared simply. A rustic ratatouille in the late summer/autumn or grilled eggplant on the barbecue thrown on a sandwich with other roasted or grilled veggies. Mmmm…

  2. The tomatoes tasted even better than they looked!
    To me, Caprese says “summer” and is best with a tomato full of flavor. Not like the tomatoes that are available at the grocery store in the winter.

    • It’s so hard to wait for tomatoes to ripen, isn’t it? I am tempted to pick a green one to have some fried green tomatoes. I haven’t had them in years – I think it’s overdue.

      Thanks for commenting.

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