Viva Las Vegas!

“Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire…”

Set my soul on fire, it did.  I have never been anywhere in my travels that is remotely similar to Vegas. Bright flashing lights, the sound of  helicopters constantly, slot machines announcing another winner, the smell of smoke and the crazy antics of people out for a good time.  I’ve ventured into casinos in the past but I’m not a gambler and feel unnerved by people literally throwing money away for mere seconds of  exhilaration that they may win big. I have enjoyed theatrical performances over the years but Las Vegas is so packed with choices as to which shows to visit, no one could possibly enjoy them all. Some of them would scar me for life if I did see them. The endless buffet lines were a statement of societies sheer gluttony. That’s a few of the negatives. What about some positive thoughts, you say.

I was blown away by the creativity and splendor of the hotels. I felt as though I had time traveled or teleported, or whatever, each time I entered a different hotel. Incredibly amazing (in a good way). I love that people wear sequins at any time of the day or night in Vegas. Sparkle like every day is Christmas seems to be the motto…and I love it! I must admit though that the best part of being in Las Vegas was the people I was with. My spectacular sister and fabulous friends and business associates.

Why was I in Las Vegas you must be wondering. Business or pleasure?

Why, a little of both!  I was attending the Shaklee Global Conference from August 8-12 and decided that while in Vegas I should see the sights as well. The conference was mind-blowing with the abundance of information and excitement. I have never, and I mean never, seen a company host a conference like Shaklee does…wow! Shaklee isn’t just a company, it’s a movement. A movement for positive change. A movement to become the healthiest you have ever been while enjoying yourself. A vehicle for health and financial wellness that is ethical, environmentally responsible and proven to be safe and effective.  These qualities in a company touch my heart like no other company can. There is absolutely no comparison out there as far as I’m concerned. Visit my Facebook page and “like” Live Love Be Green. You will be kept up to date on what’s going on and be a part of the conversation regarding health and wellness.

As if the conference wasn’t packed with enough fun-filled moments, my cohorts and I tried to pack in as much excitement as possible. We were awestruck by a Cirque de Soleil performance called KA at the MGM Grand. How the human body can do the things it does in Cirque’s shows baffle me. My brain kept repeating, “don’t try this at home” throughout the performance.  Don’t worry Brain, I won’t be foolish enough to think that I could execute any of the actions I witnessed.

We also took in the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay and had lots of laughs while being amazed at the aquatic life.

There was nothing that could prepare me for the heat of Las Vegas. The 112 degrees of blistering heat made my eyeballs feel as though they were melting in their sockets. I am a southern Ontario Canadian girl who likes moderate temperatures and gets out of sorts when the thermometer reads 80 degrees or higher. 73 degrees is optimal in my world. I’ve had a difficult time acclimatizing back to the temperature at home and even found myself putting on a sweater this afternoon. I will remind myself of the extreme Vegas heat whenever I find myself wanting to complain that I am hot!

I would love to see Vegas become more vegetarian friendly. It was difficult to find things to eat and I ended up cinching in my belt  three holes. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to tighten my belt but I would like to not feel light-headed while doing so. Maybe I was just drying out in the heat.

Over all, Las Vegas was a blast. Thanks to Shaklee for hosting a totally kick-butt convention again this year!

I’ve always wanted to see the bright lights for myself and now that I have I can focus on other destinations.

“Viva las vegas with you neon flashin
And your one armbandits crashin
All those hopes down the drain
Viva las vegas turnin day into nighttime
Turnin night into daytime
If you see it once
You’ll never be the same again”

8 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. So glad to have you back. Perhaps you can share some of what you learned? I want to hear everything!

  2. Must have been a wonderful experience. I found myself electrified just reading your post. What a place it must be. “Cirque de Soleil performance” – I envy you. I suppose it’s like being at some giant -size kind of party that goes on all day and all night. Loved the lyrics to the song. I can understand the vegetarian thing. There are places where I have the same struggle. So enjoyed the post. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Don. You pegged it. It definitely was a giant party that never ends. If you ever have the opportunity to see a Cirque performance, go! It is one of life’s “musts”. The song Viva Las Vegas is the perfect song to describe Vegas, with it’s perfect combination of charisma, gaudiness, and exuberance. The lack of vegetarian food surprised me being a destination that attracts so many different people. Even requesting alternatives wasn’t warmly received as it usually is elsewhere. Thanks for reading – and commenting.

  4. Mel, You failed to mention you went to see Cirque de Soleil !! I have utterly jealous. So its probably a good thing I did not know earlier because you would of been probed with 101 questions. To see Cirque in Vegas is on my bucket list. I saw them in Toronto a few summers ago and honestly, I was so over stimulated that I can not even remember the happenings through out the show. Do you feel this way aswell? lol. This is only a further excuse to explore Vegas and re-visit Cirque.

    Im glad you had an awesome time. Its good to hear about it through Blog because its a summary of all the things I did not hear of due to many conversation detours… Do I refrigerate peach jam once its been opened? I hope so. I did. Breakfast this morning was delicious!! Sending my thanks for thinking of me.

    • Did I really fail to mention that I visited Cirque? Geez…where was my brain? I did tell the head Angel so I didn’t keep it to myself. Too true…many conversation detours. The thought of vegetarian poutine will do that to a girl. Agreed, sensory overload while engrossed in the Cirque performance. Loved it!

      Peach jam does go into the fridge after opening-good call. Glad your breakfast was so tasty! I’ll thank my Beaner-Bopper for you.

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