The Seasons They Are A Changing

Can you feel it? The seasons are starting to shift. I love the coming of autumn, before it starts to get too chilly. Usually I would agree with the Staples commercial that “back to school” is the most wonderful time of the year. This year, I’m not buying it. I have loved having my children around for the past two months just relaxing and going at the easy pace that is a big part of summer. The chaos of scheduling is set to begin. I will not let it control me. I will stay calm in the face of the somewhat frantic pace.


I will enjoy the lusciousness of autumn. The sound of the leaves blowing on the trees in the breeze. The crunch of leaves under my feet. The smell, ah the wonderful fragrance of autumn air. I think this is one of my favourite smells- up there with fresh cut grass, fresh baked bread and freshly ground coffee. I’m sensing a pattern here – fresh is best.


It’s still hot and humid here but the change is in the air. The early mornings are cool and earthy smelling. Nature is giving signs of the changing seasons. The squirrels are starting to stockpile food, the Canadian geese are flying in formation, and the flora is in the transition to dormancy or one last hoorah before their life comes to an end. For me, the changing of seasons is upon me when I start to want heartier, warming foods such as homemade soups and stews. Apples seem to beckon to me from the orchards to come and get them. My mouth waters at the thought. There is a strange drawing out of one season as the next one begins at the moment. Summer’s bounty is still ripening while autumn’s is just starting. Amazing. Tomatoes and apples…I’m in heaven.


Autumn is bittersweet in a way. I love so many aspects of the season, especially the beautiful warm tones of colour variation – reds, oranges, and golds. The plumpness of pumpkins. The crispness of biting into a fresh apple. On the other hand, it is time to start winding down in the garden. The growing season for so many wonderful crops, like tomatoes, is coming to an end. I always feel a bit deflated when it is time to start pulling out the tomato plants from the garden and begin the prep for winter. I guess the upside is that autumn brings it’s own bounty. Of course, after autumn comes winter when I can get a roaring fire going in the fireplace and pour myself a glass of gamay or pinot noir to sip while watching the flames dance. There is something to celebrate with each and every season. I must remind myself not to get too far ahead and just enjoy the “now”.



“To be interested in the changing season is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”   – George Santayana


  1. What a wonderful post. It makes me feel so homely as I read it. I just love your simple yet profound connectedness with life. Some years ago I visited the United States during Autumn. I travelled more in the South and was bowled over by the colours. You speak of the smell of Autumn. If I close my eyes and remember, I’m able to smell it too. I also feel the leaves under my feet. I’ve never forgotten that experience. Thank you for making it alive for me again.

    We are now going in to Spring on the East Coast of South Africa. We don’t experience such sharp contrasts in the seasons as you do. Although I love it here, especially the tropical climate and mild Winters, I miss those contrasts. Again, thank you for reminding me of them. I would love to see a flock of Canadian Geese. There’s something deeply archetypal about those geese. Thanks again.

    • Thank you Don. I am honored that you have taken the time to read and comment on my post as well as found something meaningful in my words. Autumn has it’s own unique quality, doesn’t it? It invokes a different feeling than the other seasons for some reason. Your memories of autumn in the southern U.S sound blissful. Thank you for sharing a snippet of them. I was thrilled when I read that you know the “smell of autumn” of which I speak. It is a happy, warming smell for my soul.

      Canadian geese are very majestic in flight. On the ground I am terrified of them! They will hiss and can be very aggressive. If that isn’t bad enough they make a terrible mess of sidewalks and parks. In the air though, they are breathtaking as they fly in their perfect chevron pattern honking away to each other.

      I feel very connected at this time of year if that makes any sense. I find that the beauty in Life lies in it’s simplicity. When we try too hard to over-analyze, we only complicate things and the wonder is lost.

  2. You put into words something I couldn’t. Autumn is surely the richest season. This post was pure pleasure to read.

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