Snippets in Time…Thanksgiving

I think this year’s Thanksgiving weekend ranks at the top of my Thanksgiving memories. The weather was incredibly beautiful and autumnal. One evening being cool and rainy was a great excuse to bundle up inside with a glass of red wine, a cozy blanket and an interesting documentary. What? I love a good documentary! Monday morning  the sunshine and crisp air beckoned us outside to get the garden prepped for winter. There was raking to be done and the removal of the veggie garden plants. The whole family chipped in on the task which made it so much more enjoyable. We had some good laughs while working as a team to accomplish a goal. Things went slightly awry when the kids thought it would be fun to chuck green “grounder” tomatoes at each other. They quickly realized it wasn’t as intelligent as originally thought once put into action. A learning lesson was had – being pummeled with green tomatoes is like having rocks thrown at you! Those shenanigans died down without me even having to pull out the “safety first” speech.


We indulged in our quiet Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening and reported to each other something we were thankful for. I stated that I had a few things on my list and was quickly shut down after three. Well! (Insert huffy breath here.) I was trying to keep it brief. I didn’t even ramble. I guess everyone was just incredibly thankful for the good and plentiful food set before them that waiting to consume it was a hardship.  I had prepared everything  healthier and  lighter with a  whole food mindset although I don’t think anyone even noticed that all the “unnecessary  stuff” was absent. All I heard was a resounding “thank you for a great dinner”. Chalk one more up for eating clean.



After mentioning in my last post that I would be making a wheat-free, dairy-free pumpkin pie there was some interest shown as to how it would turn out. Truthfully, it was delicious. I have made pumpkin pie in many variations over the years and I think this has to be one of my favourite methods. I didn’t feel that drive to overeat or the icky feeling from too rich of a dessert. I have tried everything from store-bought to tofu pumpkin pie to made from scratch using local pumpkins. This year’s was the winner! A co-worker/friend of mine came across the recipe and thought it looked like something I would be into so she posted it on my Facebook page. So glad she did…thank you.



There seemed to be a lot of kitchen activity this weekend and I even managed to stock the fridge with lunches and snacks for the next few days. We started the day yesterday with quinoa crepes with fresh, hot applesauce and real Canadian maple syrup… Mmmm. Yesterday I whipped up another new recipe to me – Banana Prune Cake. Very yummy and not too sweet. The prunes were supposed to be dates but I only had prunes so I substituted. Last night’s kitchen adventure was a speedy home-made hummus with extra garlic. Sorry to every one of you in advance that I am in close proximity to over the next few days. I pumped up the garlic amount in an effort to try to rid myself of the lingering sinus/ear annoyance I have been fighting for the past week.



All in all, this Thanksgiving was wonderful and reaffirming of the blessings of Life. Sharing healthy, delicious food, enjoying nature, and being with those I love has made beautiful memories and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.


“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”   – William James


  1. I have a couple of questions. The rock-green tomatoes….I have about 20 tomatoes left on the vines that don’t seem to be wanting to ripen. The air got cooler about 10 days ago and they are just hanging there. Are they ready for the green bin, or should I wait longer? Also, did you mean to have more than one photo in the post? I was dying to see the dessert photos, and I’d love for you to post your entire Thanksgiving menu, as we still have Thanksgiving coming up. If I’m here, I may fall back on traditional items, all of which are fattening. The quinoa crepes, I need recipe for that. Is quinoa considered gluten-free? – Thanks! Kaye

    • Glad you asked about what to do with green tomatoes, Kaye. I have picked all of the tomatoes that were still on the plants and brought them indoors. My kitchen counter is heaped with green tomatoes at the moment. They should ripen if they were close enough to ripening before the cool air arrived. I am trying to source out some good green tomato recipes- other than fried green tomatoes, of course.

      You really want the menu with accompanying recipes? I’ll do what I can for you! Next post will be “the Thanksgiving Dinner”. Sadly, I didn’t think to take pics until we were all chowing down and I knew that there would be much grumbling if I started taking pics of everyone’s plates! lol

  2. What a beautiful post! I’m glad you had such a lovely holiday with your family. Since the wheat-free, dairy-free pumpkin pie was your favorite, please share, okay? It doesn’t show up on Facebook for me to see.. 😦

    • Thank you. Life is so full of wonderful moments, emotions, and sensations it would be a shame to miss them! Happiness comes from the way we view life – smiling is easy when you look to see sunshine not rain clouds. Glad you stopped by to read my blog and comment.

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