What to expect…? It really is a mystery. We are told to be prepared for emergency conditions due to high winds and heavy rain here in Southern Ontario. This link  is the most comprehensive report thus far that I have come across today.


FrankenStorm on its way!


I have checked out the National Hurricane Center, Environment Canada and Emergency Management Ontario as well as The Weather Network looking for more detail. One source says huge amounts of rain, another states not much rain but heavy winds, and yet another warns of power outages. I don’t think I will be taking any chances. Better safe than sorry and all of the other clichés. Now I’m all worked up! OK , not really.  Mother Nature will do whatever she is going to do whether I stress out or not. I think I will just do the one thing I can do that I learned as a young girl in Girl Guides…Be Prepared. That’s really all that anyone can do.

At this point the following  things have been completed:

Rechargeable batteries and flashlights are ready to be called into action.

Extra water has been filtered and set aside.

Submersible pump is standing at the ready (fingers crossed that it never gets used).

Lawn furniture has been put into the garage or tucked away in safe spots.

Firewood has been brought inside.

A warm blanket set aside and beer chilled for drinking in front of the fire. I know, red wine would be preferable but I’m not about to make another trip out anywhere.

Car fueled up  because we all know that petrol prices rise out of control for any reason imaginable.



Hopefully the approaching “FrankenStorm” will not be as serious as predicted and there will be no further damage due to hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by this storm already.


At this point, the wind gusts are starting to increase and the rain is steady after being sporadic throughout the day. Stay safe and use your common sense folks.



“Weather is a great metaphor for life — sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.” ~Terri Guillemets


  1. I hope it all goes well for you all. As you say preparation is the only thing you can do. The quote by Terri Guillemets is such a good one. Our thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks Don. Phew…made it through the night without a lot of kerfuffle. The wind is still pretty wicked and rain is lashing at the windows periodically. It’s still too dark outside to see much though. I will post about the storm’s outcome in this area once it passes..


  2. Glad to see your reply above. (Your post did not show up in my WP feed, even though it still says I am “following” you above on the toolbar. I’m glad I caught your share on Facebook, so I could see this morning’s report.) Hope you have a peaceful day…

    • Thanks…it looks as though it just might be a long day today. Not much sleep last night due to the storm. I will update more thoroughly soon.

      My WP reader feed is doing the same thing with most of the blogs I follow. I have to check each blog individually which eats up a lot of time. The top of each WP page other than the blogs themselves seem to be missing as well which creates frustration. I keep trying to locate some mystery setting I have altered but I come up with nothing.

      Thanks for your concern for my safety. You are very thoughtful.

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