Black Friday

I don’t get it…I really don’t.

I understand the significance of the name Black Friday. There are a few different theories on where the “black” in the name Black Friday came from but the one that is most well-known is that of businesses making a profit or being “in the black” on their ledger books. Understanding the meaning of the name does not make me want to participate.



I am not a lover of shopping to begin with so the thought of a stampede of people sounds absolutely dreadful. I am the kind of shopper that makes a list, knows what I am looking for and I get in and out of stores as quickly as possible. Oh, except at grocery stores. I am like a kid in a candy store at grocery stores. I love looking at labels and investigating new products. The healthy food section can suck me in for an hour, easily. Sorry, I got off-topic. I remember too many reports of crazed shoppers to want to risk being anywhere near stores today. Living only minutes from the U.S.- Canadian border, there is always a bit of a whirlwind of excitement when Black Friday is approaching. We are bombarded by American ads announcing their fabulous sales. I say, “no thank you”. Every year after Black Friday we hear of those unfortunate people who get caught up in the insanity. Like the man who was trampled to death or the woman who brought her pepper spray. All for the sake of things. So sad. Consumerism at its worst.



Courtesy of Yahoo Images



Last week my son asked me if I would go “over the river” and get him something he wants at a Black Friday sale because it is so much cheaper than here in Canada. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic my response was,  “You would send me, your loving mother, into a pit of insanity for a thing? I could be crushed to death!” I may have over-reacted just a titch. Stopped the wanting in its tracks though. Mission complete. The other upside to this is that he revealed an idea for a Christmas gift. Oh, I’m so wily.



The thought of humanity getting so wrapped up in things is rather unsettling. Yes, I like nice things too but I’m not about to fight for my spot in a crowd or grab rudely.  I plan to wait a few days, saunter into local businesses without the panic of pushy shoppers surrounding me and enjoy the process of finding something special for those I would like to give a gift to over the Holidays. And, truth be told, a few gifts for myself as well.




“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”   – Dwight D. Eisenhower



16 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. The other day I watched a clip on CNN on Black Friday. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I’ve never seen such madness. You call it insanity – that’s exactly what it was. It’s as if people’s humanity just suddenly drains out of them and they become something totally unrecognisable. Great post thank you.

  2. I think, when it comes to shopping, you are my clone! I couldn’t say it better. I don’t like shopping (except health food stores) on a regular day. The after-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy to save a few bucks on stuff you probably don’t need is perplexing to me. I thankfully do not crave stuff. – Kaye

  3. I completely agree. I’m sitting at home in my pajamas today. Black Friday is ridiculous and sad. There’s not one thing I need badly enough to send me out anywhere today. I told my daughters the same thing you told your son.

  4. Quite interesting, being a non american and non westerner – Black Friday has a very little meaning to it in UK. But from an american perspective it is interesting to see and understand few things too. Beautifully explained and well said. I just know – it is hype for those who wait to spend their $$$£££ on one special day.

    • I agree that it is all just hype. Here in Canada we are not quite as caught up in the whole Black Friday thing but over the past couple of years retailers here are starting to jump on the bandwagon slowly. I think I will pass on the whole thing. Thanks for commenting.

      • 🙂 Amazing to hear that CA is still different from much of US. It is another experience altogether when I hear things which I do not know about. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Did you happen to see any of the Black Friday video clips now circulating? I clicked play on one video and thought, “This is disgusting. I can’t watch this.” Mobs acting foolishly over “stuff”.

      I can live without the mayhem as well.

    • Thanks, Crystal. You are so right when you say mob-mentality and soul-lessness. It is as though people go on auto-pilot that runs on greed. All day yesterday the radio commercials bombarded me with Black Friday deals and it was definitely annoying. Happy it’s over. Today is a new day!

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