‘Tis the Season

I must admit that the Holidays turn me into a child again. The baking – oh, the baking! The decorating. The time spent with friends and family. A reason to wear sequins and bling at any time of the day or night. The way the stars in the sky seem to sparkle just a little bit brighter when the night air is cold and crisp.

Here’s the part that transports me back to childhood though. I confess that it is just a teeny bit embarrassing. I am a sucker for a really good Santa…I always get teary eyed and on the verge of crying when I am near one. Don’t ask me why. My only explanation is that I had such a memorably happy childhood that was steeped with Christmas magic. I’m sure onlookers must think I’ve gone off the deep-end but frankly, I’m not too concerned. I feel sad that they can’t feel the intensity of emotion that I am experiencing in that exact moment. This has absolutely nothing to do with reality, certainly, but the images of festivity and magic that the moment conjures up. Forgive me if this sounds utterly lame…I’m a dreamer.

“Santa is our culture’s only mythic figure truly believed in by a large percentage of the population. It’s a fact that most of the true believers are under eight years old, and that’s a pity.”   – Chris Van Allsburg

There is one aspect of this season that I wish would just evaporate into thin air though. This would be the frantic pace at which society seems to deem necessary. In this chaotic speed, people forget how to be kind and seem to transform into rudenicks (no, it’s not a real word, however it fits so I shall use it!)  I have noticed this year seems to be the worst yet for pushiness. There has been a total lack of concern for safety as well. Honestly, I have never noticed so many people running red lights while speeding. Almost every stoplight I am at I notice someone blatantly run the red. Scary. Yesterday, I stopped for a light that was red way before I got to it and was nearly rear-ended…then honked at! Seriously. I pretended not to notice when I really felt like giving the person a piece of my… festive cheer. I am certain his name must have been Dominic for he put me in mind of a Christmas donkey. Hee HAW!

I try to focus on keeping a smile in my eyes throughout the day. No frowning allowed. This keeps me feeling joyful and less stressed. I have even noticed plenty of people making a point of smiling back then keeping the smile after we have passed. I have to wonder though, do people see innocence or mischief in my smiling eyes?  I must think pure thoughts…I must think pure thoughts…

Mischief or purity?

Mischief or purity?

I am just finishing my preparation for the Holidays. Shopping is nearing completion and I only have a few more items on the list to bake. My freezer is full to overflowing, even after entertaining friends with an annual holiday party. It was heart-warming to spend the evening with friends old and new and welcome them into our home. For me, this seems to kick-start the Season. I am now in full-blown Festive Mode!

“At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.”   – Thomas Tusser

What is your favourite thing about the Holiday season?

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Great post! We’re expecting a snowstorm and I have to admit I’m kind of looking forward to it. I’m guessing school will be cancelled tomorrow. I was planning to work from home anyway (which might not happen now if kids are home). It may turn into a baking day. Now if only hubby would stay home from work…would be a great day to bake and listen to Christmas music!

    • You flatter me so. Just trying to keep myself upbeat. Some days are harder than others but when we remember to find joy in things surrounding us we will always find something to smile about 🙂 Besides, no matter what we may be feeling internally, we should always make room for goodwill and festivity in our heart. The heart loves to sing! xo

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