Winter at the Beach


Today the sun was shining brightly and the temperature  a cool 4 degrees celsius. My body was longing to be in the fresh, cool air so I set out for a walk. My feet took me to the beach. The beach on a sunny winter’s day is miraculous. The biting breeze off the water was invigorating and the beach was still. I noticed that the sound of the beach in the winter is totally different from in the summer. It was incredible.

There were a few other people around but the stillness was peaceful. A few men were fishing along the pier and there were a handful of other walkers but no one else ventured onto the beach other than myself and a lady running with her dog. An older couple was feeding bread to the seagulls.

Tucked Away for the Winter

Tucked Away for the Winter

The marina was quiet with all of the boats tucked away snuggly for their winter slumber.

looking down the pier

looking down the pier

On  one side of the pier the water was still and the sun shone off of it as though it were ice. The other side of the pier the water was rough with ice chunks and waves. It seemed as though the water had a dual personality.

The icy, rough water was hypnotizing and calming. The sound of the water on the rocks soothing.





Looking from the pier toward the beach, the breaking ice reminded me of shaved ice in a glass. If it wasn’t so cold it would have tempted me to have a margarita!

The sound of the ice chunks bobbing around and clinking against one another was like music. Sweet, tiny chimes playing an enchanted song for whoever would take a moment to slow down and listen.

melting ice






The snow on the beach, the icy bits and the open water of the lake created distinct layers that intrigued me.

Beach in the Winter

Ah.. the beach all to myself.

I see a strong resemblance to Gumby. Minus the head shape. Mine seems to be the size of a pea from this perspective.

Windswept Sand

Windswept Sand

The sand. Windswept and beautiful.

Remnants of Summer

Remnants of Summer





Being in the fresh, wintry air by the water was invigorating. I felt the rosy glow on my cheeks from the breeze and the warmth of the winter sun on my face.

Turning for home, I looked forward to getting back to my kitchen where it was warm.

The apples and squash on my kitchen counter were awaiting my arrival.

“What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it.”  – Isaac Bashevis Singer

10 thoughts on “Winter at the Beach

  1. Just you and your shadow. Thanks for sharing your walk, LLBG. Absolutely marvellous. So peaceful and serene – great images – loved the boats ” tucked away in their Winter slumber and the dual personality of the water. You have a way with words LLBG – it’s a real gift. One thing though, you should have had that margarita, cold or not. I started my day with your post – thanks for the peace.

    • Your words are very kind, Don. I am honored by your appreciation. As for that margarita…it was still too early too consume alcohol at that point. Yes, it was 5 o’clock somewhere, but I wasn’t there yet! Thanks for joining me on my walk. Happy to have helped you start your day in a peaceful frame of mind.

  2. Truly beautiful – the images, the thoughts expressed and the words used to express them. I love these walks with you and seeing through your eyes. It’s a wonderful start to my day, but… I just might come back during the day for a few additional minutes of peace and pondering. 😉

    • Why, thank you. I am always happy to share my walks with you, Cyndi. I thought you may be interested in a wintry beach with snow and ice while your beaches are warm and friendly – nice contrast. Come back and ponder to your heart’s content. Whatever brings peace into your day is a welcome respite.

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