Arbor Day

Arbor Day has never been a day that I personally associated with…until now. I’ve always loved the notion of Earth Day, even though I try to live each and every day in a manner of caring for our planet. Arbor Day seemed too one-dimensional, too all-about-trees. I wouldn’t feel all aglow at the thought of Soil Day even though healthy soil is essential. Why the sudden desire to adore a day for trees? My heart just feels in tune with trees recently. I have become more observant of the trees around me and have gained appreciation of each one’s individual uniqueness. As a Horticulture Technician, gardener and environmental tree-hugger I have always understood the value and beauty of trees but something in me has shifted to feel the presence of trees like never before.

In Ontario (Canada) we observe Arbor Week from the last Friday in April until the first Sunday in May.   J. Sterling Morton founded the idea of having a special day in honour of planting trees over 135 years ago. Isn’t it reassuring that we still note this day to plant trees? I feel optimistic when a tree is planted with the intent of it enjoying its growth for many years. On the wings of optimism I planted a tree this morning in my back yard. My little tree has a special place in my heart. When my son was just a wee little guy, he brought me home a sapling from school one day. It was so tiny that it was almost unrecognizable as a Spruce. It was potted in a Dixie cup and sat on our windowsill for a month or so before it graduated to a pot on the patio. Since this tree exited the school in my son’s tiny hand it has been contained in a pot until today.  I couldn’t decide where the perfect spot in our garden would be to plant this tree until today. I went out into the back yard to enjoy the bright clear sky when I noticed a sunbeam in the back corner of our garden. It was like a stage light directed at the perfect location!

Spruce- Picea Abies

One day this small tree will become tall and stately, just like the little boy who presented it to me with great pride and a toothy grin.

Although I love my Picea abies (Norway Spruce), my favorite tree in my garden is the majestic Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra). To me it is reminiscent of the Group of Seven paintings I  adore and is a signal to me that I am home as I come around the corner.

Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine
Pinus nigra – Austrian Pine
Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine
Pinus nigra – Austrian Pine

Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine

“There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”  ~Minnie Aumonier


  1. Your earlier lack of connection to Arbor Day/Week surprised me a bit. YOU were the first person I thought of when I saw a post on Arbor Day. I love that you found the perfect spot via a sunbeam to plant the Spruce that has thrived in your care. This feels like a momentous day…and this mom is really happy for you!

    • Well, thank you for connecting me with Arbor Day in your thoughts. How terrific! I guess I just never really gave conscious thought to Arbor Day until now. Weird, I know.

      You are so very sweet. 🙂

  2. Beautiful!! You are so lucky to have room for trees! Thanks for liking my post this AM. Have you made it to the new site to sign up? There is no more “following” for me, 😦 , you have to sign up to get my blog. Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of Arbor Day celebration!! – Kaye

    • We have quite a few large trees on our property that create lovely shade and help keep us cool during the summer. This did create a kerfuffle when it came to putting in my veggie garden though but everything worked out in the end. Trees and veggies all growing in perfect harmony.

      I had a quick peek at your new site. I love it! I’m looking forward to checking it out more thoroughly. Haven’t signed up yet though. Will do that now!


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