Born To Be Alive

I feel so alive! I’m not sure whether it is the extreme exhaustion of five 8-9 hour days of landscaping/gardening/mowing at work or the sudden warm weather of 16-20 degree Celsius and burning sun that we have been enjoying over the last week. Perhaps it was the crazy dancing that took place last night after a hard day at work until almost 1 a.m. Or just maybe it was the impulse purchases I made today. Whatever the cause, I am bursting with exuberance.

I am thrilled with my first purchase of the day which was a new spade. Yes, I am easy to please it seems. I bought myself the same type of spade I use at work since mine somehow went MIA somewhere along the line. A girl needs to dig sometimes and needs the right tool to do so. Almost as soon as I got home with my new spade I put it to use edging my veggie garden in preparation for rototilling. I am as giddy as can be about prepping the garden for planting. Seeing a growing veggie garden is like a mini Utopia in my own backyard.

Then I went a bit wacky and bought something that I honestly never thought I would own…a leather jacket. Gasp! I am struggling with this a bit, I must be honest. I very seldom purchase leather items as it seems so very wrong to me to wear another animals’ hide. However, this was a pre-owned jacket that I don’t think has ever been worn so buying leather seems a bit easier for my conscience to swallow. This insanely gorgeous jacket nearly jumped off the rack into my arms, I tell you! I wouldn’t bend for any old jacket though. This beauty is lime green and says “purrrrrr”. It really does. As soon as I slipped it on it was mine.

We all need to do the things that make us feel alive. Live life the way we dream in our mind’s eye. There is nothing that fills the Soul with the presence of Life like throwing back your head and laughing until your stomach muscles hurt, letting the wind whip your hair as it so pleases, and feeling Life force make you glow so others notice.  Life is to be lived, not to watch it pass you by.

“Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, ‘This is the real me,’

and when you have found that attitude, follow it.”  – James Truslow Adams


17 thoughts on “Born To Be Alive

  1. I love that the jacket feels so right to you! Enjoy it! And I am extremely jealous of your weather…we’re still covered in snow here, although it’ll be gone in a few days.

  2. Melissa, when someone can get excited about a spade then in my book you’re living. I think that’s wonderful. I hope that spade is going to bring you many, many hours of life-giving and life-energizing digging. I see you danced until 1-00am in the morning. Was that with your spade?

  3. Ohhhh! I can’t wait to see the jacket! Ahhh! The motorcycle license, I still think of that and the “naysayers” in my mind always take over. Who knows maybe some day and I will get a leather jacket too. 🙂 What a great post. You are awesome.

    • Thanks SweetPea! I think your leather jacket should be hot pink, btw. If we lived closer we could do it together. Perhaps I should come to you and we can take the intensive course. Lickety-split…here we come!

  4. Perhaps that lime green leather jacket was a citrus loving wolf who made a habitual practice of baying at the moon and now you must live vicariously through his wishes. Kick up your heels at howl with some fun. 😉

  5. The sun and dirt must be nurturing you in the same way it does the plants. No wonder there is such exuberance! The Real You is emerging beautifully!! A motorcycle? Wow!! Good for you! A pic of you and your new jacket would be super…until you have a pic with your new motorcycle! 😉

    • Although I am weary from the long, hot days lately (yesterday I worked 10 hours) I am growing more self-assured in the process. Honestly, I am camera shy but I’ll see what I can do. Thanks, Cyndi! Your uplifting support is appreciated greatly.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to admit that you have a LOT of energy! Enjoy your leather jacket!!!

    • Your blog is wonderful! I am always thrilled by new plant varieties that I am not acquainted with and love to learn. Yes, I usually am overflowing with energy and try to keep my outlook cheery. Today however, I seem to be dragging myself around and am in need of a day to recharge my batteries (or work in my own garden). Thanks for popping in and commenting…nice to have you here!

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