Top Secret Mission Revealed

I love to try to find fun and interesting ways to reuse items. This is one of my favorite projects that I am still enjoying on these beautiful summer nights in my back garden. Things are looking quite different this year in the garden itself while the outdoor light fixture is standing up to the tempestuous Canadian weather year-round.

Thanks for hanging out in my garden with me again.


I have been on yet another Top Secret Mission. OK  not really, but calling it top-secret makes it seem so much more fun.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would like a light fixture over our outdoor dining table. After looking around at a few stores and seeing what’s available, I decided to tackle making one myself. Besides the fact that the cost is prohibitive on many outdoor fixtures and most are not to my liking, I wondered if I had the materials to make my own unique DIY version.  In the spirit of reusing and recycling, I pondered over different materials already around the house then gathered together my chosen objects. Here are the materials pictured below.

One string of LED outdoor Holiday lights, wicker/rattan balls, hanging basket chain with three chains connected to top hook, paperclips, and a stainless steel ring from an old kitchen…

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