Riotous Explosion

Burning Bush - Euonymus alatus

Burning Bush – Euonymus alatus




“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  – Albert Camus 




As the garden season is winding down and Mother Nature is tucking many types of flora and fauna in for a long nap, the last burst appears. A riotous explosion of colour that delights the senses.

8 thoughts on “Riotous Explosion

  1. I love that quote of Camus’ Melissa. Autumn is a second Spring in a unique kind of way. It’s just a beautiful way of describing Autumn, especially when you experience it in the you all do there where you are. That image is magnificent.

    • Autumn is a treat for the senses, that’s for sure! The earthy fragrance is magnificent, the colours awe-inspiring, and the insane frenzy of activity captivating. I couldn’t pass by without taking a picture so I could reflect on this particular scene of beauty after the leaves have all fallen to the ground and are covered with snow.

  2. How beautiful! Your trees still have leaves, too! Our fall season didn’t last long enough this year. Everything here is already barren and wintery-looking. It has already snowed and has gotten down to 18 degrees F at night. Brrrr! I wish your photo was my back yard.

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