Side-tracked By A Day Trip

To avoid boring you to death, this will be my last post in a three-part series about our Disney World adventures. This isn’t actually about Disney at all, but instead I will thrill and excite you with details of a day trip away from the swirling fun that is Disney. Alright, I’m certain this isn’t thrill worthy stuff but it made for a unique day all around. In the last week or so before flying off from reality, my sister and I worked out where we would like to explore. My son had one request…go to the ocean. My kids had never been to the ocean and I was determined to grant this wish. We live on one of North America’s  Great Lakes so a large body of water is part of the daily scenery. However, nothing compares to the ocean! We verbally went back and forth between the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted the Atlantic Ocean and my big sis wanted the Gulf. Who won the battle of debate? Keep reading.







Didn’t it figure that the day we had rented a car to head to the beach ended up being overcast, rainy and windy. I had also thought that it would be the perfect day to wear a dress. I’m brilliant, I know. Life goes on and so we headed off for a day of adventure!



bridges to the beach

bridges to the beach

There were brief pockets of sunshine throughout the day but the wind was a bit of a nuisance. As to be expected, the closer we got to the ocean the windier it got. While driving along this strip of highway that seemed to be mostly bridges connected by islands I couldn’t help but think how terrifying this would be should there be a hurricane. Evacuation route signs were everywhere. My sister and I came to the conclusion that neither of us would ever live in a location that needed evacuation route signage. If you live in such a place, you are braver than us. Or you simply enjoy life being peppered with severe risk. Your call.
Cruise ships

Cruise ships

There is something so odd about cruise ships along the side of the freeway.

Beach, here we come!
Beach, here we come!

Now you see who’s debate skills are superior.  Maybe it was the 3:1 that was the clincher.

Cocoa Beach from afar

Cocoa Beach from afar

After a bit of driving back and forth along the main stretch of road looking for signs to the beach, I finally rolled down my car window and leaned out to get the attention of a city worker. He was very helpful, and friendly I might add, and pointed us in the right direction  which of course we had already passed. As we walked over to the beach the sound of the pounding surf permeated all else. There is no other sound in nature that contains such a combination of force and serenity simultaneously. It instantly transports the Spirit to a happy place. THIS must be the reason people choose to live in evacuation areas!

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Although it looks bright and sunny in this photo, don’t be fooled. It was grey and windy which made me ponder the decision for all of these people to try to catch some sun. Humans are interesting creatures.

See the red flag on the beach?

This indicates that there were rip currents and swimming was not recommended although many people were in the water. We walked in briefly and were almost knocked over by the huge, powerful waves.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Another danger on the beach was the massive amount of jellyfish. They were everywhere and I was just about to step on one coming out of the water when I was warned with a holler. Talk about freaking a person out!

My son just couldn’t get enough of the jellyfish. He spent most of his time getting up close and personal (too close for my comfort) to watch them pulsate. Moments such as these are wonderful teaching opportunities and allow children to gain a better understanding of all the incredible creatures we share this planet with. I’m certain this will be a memory that last a lifetime for him.


beach grasses and railing

The sound of the surf and the mysterious sea life captured our attention but it was the windblown sand that lovingly cradled the beach grasses that made me swoon for the beach.

The way the elements distress wooden structures such as these stairs was, to me, the epitome of coastal scenery that I carry in my mind’s eye.

sandy steps

sandy steps

Next stop…Cape Canaveral.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

I was pretty excited to visit Cape Canaveral and the NASA museum. According to the website there are tours that shuttle visitors out to the launch pad and infiltrate your brain with all things space related.

This could have gone either way, I figured. I was hoping for new knowledge but was on guard for the nerd alert to sound. Well, upon further inspection we decided not to do the tour. At $50 U.S. per person it was a bit steep for an experience my kids were only going along with for my sake. Oh well.


NASA museum

NASA museum

After a day of sand, surf and shuttles we made tracks back to Disney. It was a supremely glorious day spent making memories.

“A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together.

Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.”  

– Charlotte Kasl



12 thoughts on “Side-tracked By A Day Trip

  1. You got some nice photos. The jelly fish are cool, IF you keep your distance. Stings are not so fun. FYI, the wind and gray skies you encountered are a bit of an exception. Maybe, you’ll have to come again and verify that for yourself. 😉

    For me, there is absolutle mothing like living directly on the beach and hearing the soothing sounds of the surf. Walking out your back door to take a daily walk at the water’s edge is kind of nice, too. It was definitely worth living in an evacuation area. In the ten years, I lived there, two of six hurricanes to our area called for an evacuation. Fortunately, most hurricanes are not major ones. The local governments monitor the effects and determine when evacuation is a good idea.

    Glad you got to see a variety of sites on your adventure!

  2. I may have to take your advice and visit again, Cyndi. Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll be back…Disney is already calling me to return!

    Living directly on the beach sounds beautiful but I’m more of a lush green forest kind of girl. A change of scenery from time to time keeps things fresh though. 🙂

    Next time, the Everglades!

  3. I love your comment – ” If you live in such a place, you are braver than us. Or you simply enjoy life being peppered with severe risk. Your call.” Too funny AND too true. I’m with you – I’m not living anywhere that requires evacuation routes. Or tornado or earthquake drills, come to think of it. And a special thank you to the passerby who stopped you from stepping on the jellyfish.

    • All locations come with some sort of risk factor of some form or other if we dig deep enough. Occasionally we get earthquakes here and tornado warnings have been increasing. That said, I see no evacuation route signs to make me feel edgy. I suppose seeing those signs just becomes part of daily life after a while. Still, I’ll pass.

    • HEY!!! I was a band geek too! Honk-squeak! Nice band trip. We went to Chicago, Boston, and New York City on our band trips. All fab experiences I might add. I keep telling my kids that band trips are a great way to visit new places but I get the whole eye roll, “mom, you’re so lame” sigh. Their loss.

  4. Band can be loads of fun and hearing the payoff of effort is so incredible. I played the clarinet with a brief foray into saxophone. Same fingering pretty much so a simple transition. Just a lot more hot air needed. 😉

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