Dig Deep…Then Leap!

Life is an amazing ride. You can jump on and take the ride or dig in and let so many incredible experiences pass you by. I personally refuse to look back with regret…with the would have/could have/should haves. I am leaning into the curves of life as they come at me.  Learning new behaviors that allow me to give thoughts a chance to become reality. I am challenging myself to take a leap when opportunity arises. Putting myself out there and taking chances that at one point I would have been too apprehensive to risk the possibility of failure. What is failure anyway? I have a new attitude where failure is concerned. It used to be a sense of rejection or a deflated feeling of humiliation of not accomplishing what was set out to achieve. My new attitude about failure is that it is merely a redirect – a change of course that will lead me on a new path. I’m good with that. Failure doesn’t seem daunting when it is renamed as redirection. So, why not stretch yourself to the limit and try something new? Push through your fears or nervousness of countless things that we allow to control us on a regular basis. Dig deep and find the strength within…you have it in you!



Never let your fear decide your fate.





go ahead - unknown source






Looking back with regret is not of interest to me. I’d rather look back with a smile on my face or have a good laugh at the things I had thought were mistakes at the time or good experiences that became great memories. Most of all I look forward to creating new memories through trying new things, meeting new people and living life to the fullest! There is no better time than right now to take that leap of faith and allow your wings to unfold.




Image - glit-z.com

Image – glit-z.com


How do you respond to challenges, failure, and/or unplanned events?






4 thoughts on “Dig Deep…Then Leap!

  1. Most times is the misconception of what success and failure means – which varies from a personal point of view. Most people are afraid to act thinking of what others would say. Myself, I like and behave upon the saying: Try again, fail again. Fail better… 🙂 (I don’t remember who said it).

  2. Good point. Yes, the fear of judgement or being ridiculed by others most certainly can come into play. Self- confidence is needed to kick this insecurity to the curb more often than not.
    That’s a fun saying. I may need to remind myself of that on occasion. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Shakti,
      I will definitely read your thoughts on the subject. You have much wisdom to offer. Thank you.

      I have asked myself numerous times why I haven’t been compelled to write as of late. I feel the desire returning. Life has taken me in numerous directions and I’ve been working on riding the waves of life with gusto! Some of these waves have tried to crush my Spirit while others have made me soar. I will be back in action soon.

      Thanks for the kick-start…and the friendly outstretched hand.


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