You may have noticed that I have been laying low as of late. Life has caught me within its chaotic tendrils in both a positive and negative  manner. I keep moving forward with a smile on my lips and a sparkle in my eyes. My Spirit is riding the waves that Life sends my way. As the dust is starting to settle slightly, you will be hearing more from me again soon.  Please stay tuned…I appreciate your friendship and patience.


– Melissa



invincible heart


  1. Welcome back Melissa. I hear you… sometimes… i realise a lot of life has gone by and I haven’t been able to capture it with words. Hope you are well. and your Spirit is finding freedom and peace.

    • Thanks Darrel. I am well, yes. When doom or gloom gets in my path I simply shove it to the side and keep on motoring! Recognizing the purpose of negatives and how they shape our path is vital. So, as I give the “get outta my way” push to bad vibes I’m doing internal work simultaneously. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Now to put things into words.

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