Infinite Possibilities Abound

At a time in my life that is filled to overflowing with an abundance of change, I pause to remind myself to trust in the process. To not allow stress to make my decisions for me but instead follow my heart and intuition sprinkled with a healthy portion of logic. Instead of panicking, I choose to open my mind to creative solutions. To let my Path unfold before me and enjoy the ride.  I allow myself to be fully aware that I have come to a fork in the road and decisions must be made. I do not make these decisions lightly and take into account not only my own needs and happiness but those of my loved ones – the man to whom I love completely with every fiber of my being and my two children that I have been blessed with to guide through life and share the heart-warming (and occasionally heart-wrenching) love between a mother and her children. I walk with purpose toward the crossroads as I weigh the plentiful paths before me. No path comes without both challenges and happiness. I expect nothing less than miracles…I’m ready for forward momentum and trust the process of building both a positive future and many beautiful moments along the way with those I hold close to my heart.


  1. I don’t want to pry Melissa, but it sounds as if you’ve been through a rough time. Strength to you and may those paths you speak of unfold in creative light and possibility.

    • It has been a transitional phase of my life, Don. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, and know decisions need to be made to start the next chapter. It’s an exciting time in my life having just sold my home and in the process of hunting down a new one…without a moment to spare! Thank you for the good will and the extra strength. I certainly can use every ounce I can muster at the moment as so many aspects of my life are in a renewal and rebirth state.

  2. Well, hey, there. Haven’t connected in a while, and a sleepless morning prompted me to work, and what a lovely inspiring lesson you’ve shared. I shall treasure it this AM when I can really use it! Hope things go wonderfully well and that I see you over at Late Bloomer one of these days! Three year anniversary coming up! Love, Kaye

  3. Wow! Three years of Late Bloomer, that’s fantastic! Congratulations, Kaye. I’ve popped in a few times and enjoyed your episodes immensely. I just didn’t comment for some reason. I’ll be back again soon and leave evidence this time. 😀
    So many lessons to be learned, many to be repeated. Glad you found a positive nugget of truth within my mental meanderings.

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