The Gift of Moments

Photo: Melissa C./LLBG

I must bring myself back to my sacred place within. To ground myself with the nature of Being, to feel the ever-so-slight hum that one can feel while being still and without thought or preconception. To remind myself that the joy in this journey of life is not strictly about the milestone moments but about the every day. The small stuff that reminds me of how wonderful the gift of Life truly is. The dewdrop on a young green leaf is purity itself. That the arms of the man I love around me when I’m feeling vulnerable heals me and reminds me that I am enough just the way I am in this very moment. The intense joy when a loved one succeeds where their focus is directed. That the wind in my hair awakens the feeling of pure freedom. We are bestowed many gifts throughout Life if we remember to be present in the moments provided.


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