Mental Reflection

“Since everything is a reflection of our minds…everything can be changed by our minds.”   – Buddha

Delve deeply into your mind. You will find at that place within that is You, You and no one else, a need so strong for all that is positive. All that is truth and goodness. When we scratch away the surface of preconceived ideas and societies indoctrination of right and wrong we will find our true self underneath. What do you truly yearn for that is not greed, lust, or material possession? What does your inner You need; not want, but need.

A difficult concept to grasp as we are all trained to want “things”. I’m not immune to wanting the same things as most people.  Let’s go a bit deeper, shall we? On a different plain we will find a thought process that is extremely nourishing. That a positive mindset brings forth positive reactions to take place. There is something profound about the concept of “like brings like”. How we perceive that which is around us predicts how we react. When we see through positive peepers we project it forth to others.When our thought process finds the goodness in a situation we find resolution, compassion and comfort. Should we experience the opposite thought process of negativity we may experience restlessness, contempt or anger. Why would we want the latter for ourselves? Be honest.

Oftentimes I need to re-examine my thoughts and reactions to switch gears. I am human. Sometimes something rubs me the wrong way. It’s about letting the thought be processed as it is, irritation is a normal response, and find a way to diffuse whatever it may stem from and alter the thought so it becomes constructive. I am not adverse to confronting an irritation (person, place or thing) and dealing with the why and what of things. This is how we learn and grow. To always grumble without being active in transformation dictates a stagnant state of mind. The change is often the slightest alteration of self-talk. When we are diligent at how our internal dialogue plays out we will note a more balanced and calm mindset.

At the risk of sounding flaky with the whole Positive Power mantra, I stand by the notion that our minds are as powerful as we allow them to be. When we dumb down our thoughts we do ourselves a disservice. No need to be all sappy with nonsensical fluff talk and crazy notions that everything is always perfect. It’s not nor will it always be exactly as we desire. It’s about the finding the strength of mind to analyze productively to create a positive space within.


  1. “Delve deeply into your mind. You will find at that place within that is You, You and no one else…” very true Dear Melissa…
    Thank you so much for this post

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