Treachery At Hand

We have all had our fair share of underhanded and deceitful people cross our paths. Being an individual that desires (and attempts to bring) harmony and respect to all areas of Life, I can not understand why some people feel the need to lie, cheat, back stab and manipulate others for a personal sense of gain.

What can possibly be gained from maliciousness? Power? A promotion? A sense of superiority? While all of these things may seem to be a sign of getting ahead in Life does it not bring a false sense of gain if done so while being dishonest?

I strive to always bring my morals, kindness, creativity and respect with me to my place of employment. Those that know me also know that I have a silly, yet kind, sense of humour that assists in creating a comfortable environment for those that I work beside. Note I said beside; I feel that we are all equal as humans and win/lose respect due to our mannerisms and treatment of others.

Have you ever had to share a work space with someone that is deceitful and feels the need to personally attack you behind your back for unknown reasons? Have you ever felt like someone feels that you are their greatest competition and they need to falsify information to “win” some sort of popularity contest? Or dealt with an individual that is so twisted and phony that they pretend to be a team mate to your face all the while attempting to chip away at your reputation out of earshot?

I would like to say that I am unscathed by one’s nastiness toward me but I can’t. I am affected by this misrepresentation of my character and above all I feel a sense of sadness for the lack of confidence of such an individual. I find such underhanded treachery highly unpalatable. My self talk has had to focus on composure and above all staying true to my self-respecting nature above all else in such situations.

Photo by Melissa C. /LLBG

I contemplate the lesson in such a situation and always come back to being kind in the face of unkindness. Being kind does NOT in any way mean I am a doormat though. Standing up for oneself can be carried out with class and decorum. This is a favorite weapon in my personal tool box. When we present ourselves by being assertive and straightforward when necessary, we not only hold our own so to speak, but also teach others how to we expect to be treated. Double win! I believe that what is dished out will also be served back in abundance. Karma, if you will.

Never underestimate the power of a kind woman. Kindness is a choice that comes from incredible strength.

How do you personally deal with such situations? Have you experienced similar and want to dispense personal wisdom?


  1. My idealistic side wants to believe every person on Earth has a heart of gold. My personal experience tells me there is a small, but nasty minority of people who never developed a healthy conscience nor compassion.

    • You have summed it up to perfection and I agree with your synopsis. It always comes as a rude awakening when an individual from said nasty minority crosses my path as I’m sure it does to you as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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