Do I Know You, Ma’am?

which one is which?bw serenity




There is some serious weirdness going on the past couple of days. Wherever I go, people seem to want to stop and chat. People I don’t know. I am going to take this as a sign that I look friendly. Not only am I chat-worthy, I have been told numerous times that I have a “twin” or a double. The first couple of times someone presented the twin scenario I thought it was interesting. I do believe we all resemble someone else somewhere, even remotely ,that would remind another person of someone they know. However, after a while it starts to get a bit freaky. Who is this other woman? I am curious, but at the same time a bit unnerved. What if she is a total monster! Sorry, my ego panicked a little.



When I first moved to the city where I now reside (twenty years ago – yikes!), I started hearing the “do you have a twin sister?” line. My response was, and still is, “No, and I’m not originally from around here” since the next question is always something like “Do you know so-and-so?” It is starting to get a bit old. Yesterday, my daughter and I went out for dinner for her birthday to one of her favorite places. There was a man who kept looking at me blatently…then smiled…then bee-lined for me! Needless to say I was a bit thrown. Guess what he asked me? C’mon, one guess. Bingo!  I did not know the woman he thought I looked like, of course, but it gave my daughter and I another topic of conversation – as if we needed more to talk about.



This morning I was at a coffee shop with my fabulous friend M when another customer at the counter reminded me of the incident from yesterday. As I was telling her the story, dramatically of course, the guy turned around and looked directly at me. I told M that he actually looked like the guy I was telling her about. He strolled our way with his coffee and pretended to look at the television behind us while sneaking peaks ever so discreetly at me. Finally you could see the recognition on his face that I was “the lady” from yesterday. It was quite comical and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud which made him laugh too. A brief conversation ensued that yes, I was me and he was…whoever he was. Very chatty fellow. Jokingly he insinuated that one of us was following the other to which I immaturely responded, “I was here first.” Nice one. What can I say, I called it like I saw it.  I’m sure he is a very nice man and this was obviously coincidental.  It fuelled M’s and my conversation a bit longer after he took his leave, wishing us a good day. After complimenting M’s choice of accessories, of course.



Cyndi over at Healthy A-Z has mentioned smiling more lately and I have been practicing what she is preaching. Perhaps it is working a little too well!



As for this twin of mine…where for art thou?




“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”  – Elbert Hubbard